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VQ.Tech Leadership

Q.Tech Leadership aimed to develop the skills of government executive leaders and IT Mangers to achieve the government’s vision and values. The program is designed to develop leaders skills in digital subjects and it consists of several training courses. Also, it includes international tours, workshops, and conferences to learn and practice from the best global technical environment.

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VQ.Tech Professionals

Q.Tech Professionals aims to develop government employees’ skills in information technology and digital transformation to achieve the vision and values of the digital government. The program consists of several development courses that include local training, followed by international training in tech trends topics within the top 100 international universities.

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VQ.Tech Ambitious

An initiative designed to develop talents alumni in IT and digital transformation in order to qualify them to work in the government sector.

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VQ.Tech - Digital Awareness

In partnership with National eLearning Center, we offer interactive courses aim to develop government employees technical skills and to level up awareness in digital transformation, innovation and emerging technologies.

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